UPY 2019 Underwater Photography Book of the Year - Winner

Tobias Friedrich

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UPY 2019 Underwater Photography Book of the Year - Winner
'Uber Wasser, Unter Wasser' - Tobias Friedrich

Tobias Friedrich is an underwater photographer who loves to travel. Uber Wasser, Unter Wasser, 130 page richly illustrated book, shares his passion, taking readers on a bucketlst trip around his favourite destinations: Raja Ampta, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Norway, Greenland, French Polynesia, Egypt and more.

Judge's comment: Tobias was named Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018, so there is little doubt that his individual images are special. But gathered together in this lavish book, they become even more, as he demonstrates his original photographic visions across so many genres of underwater photography and in such a wide variety of underwater conditions: cold and warm, blue and green, clear and turbid water. A mightily impressive collection.
Alex Mustard

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