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UPY 2019 Black & White - Highly Commended

Nicholas More

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UPY 2019 Black & White - Highly Commended
'Crab Catcher' - Nicholas More

The porcelain crab is a common but charismatic critter, that live in a symbiotic relationship with their host anemone. They wave their fan like setae to catch food in the current. The lighting, here, is a single strobe positioned behind the anemone skirt, to backlight the crab in the act of catching its food in a raging current. The fast shutter speed provides the black background.

Judge's comment: A wonderful capture of the critter and the dedication for the author to stick with the opportunity not withstanding the raging current. Thats only half the story in my opinion! The quality of the mono processing is superb and elevates the image to a much greater standing.
Martin Edge

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