UPY 2019 Black & White - Highly Commended

Marco Gargiulo

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UPY 2019 Black & White - Highly Commended
'Platax under the boat' - Marco Gargiulo

This image was taken in October 2018, during a 7 days Maldives cruise on the yacht Duke of York, with my daughter Lorenza, also an underwater amateur photographer. This is a double exposure image, in the submerged half there is the silouette a Batfish (Platax teira), in the aerial half of the image, there is the boat Duke of York. This is a photographic tecnique that i often use for creating some inusual situations. So I've not planned along time this image but only realized in site keeping the right situation and lights.

Judge's comment: It's a striking image which is in balance both above and below the surface. It lends itself to a mono conversion with the strong focal point of the Batfish filling a sizeable space against the shallow water behind.
Martin Edge.

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