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UPY 2018 Wrecks - Commended

Kieran Hatton

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UPY 2018 Wrecks - Commended
'Bells n Helms' - Kieran Hatton

The diving in the Baltic Sea offers a very different prospect when compared to the UK. Its still dark and anoxic depths preserving wood in a way that is hard to imagine, let alone explain! In shallow water it is quite green with lots of particles (I visited in the summer), but by approximately 30m you have passed through the last of the thermoclines and almost all ambient light is left behind. The Balder lays in 50-55m of cold, dark but very, very clear water. Arriving on the aft structure the sight of the ship's wheel and bell together offered up a unique opportunity. I tried a few different angles both with and without a passing diver, but really like the effect of the wheel backlit. Bells 'n' Helms, how to keep a wreck diver happy! I can't wait to go and try again now!

Judge's comment: The ghostly backlighting of the ship's wheel combined with a wreck divers dream of finding the bell perfectly captures the excitement of both wreck diving and photographing them.
Peter Rowlands

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