UPY 2018 Wrecks - Commended

Anders Nyberg

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UPY 2018 Wrecks - Commended
'BSA M20 Motorbike' - Anders Nyberg

I have dived this wreck several times and I never get tired of it! This is a well known subject, a British World War II BSA M20 motorbike inside Hold 2 (port side, upper level) of the wreck. Usually I use strobes for this kind of shoot but I had to try this with two video lights, I think the result works well and the lights are useful, specially when you as the photographer can see how the light is shaping and working.

Judge's comment: There's no doubt this is visually a striking image but it is of subject and using a lighting technique which we have seen so much of recently. Striking, yes but not original enough to go any higher.
Peter Rowlands

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