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UPY 2018 Wide Angle - Commended

Renee Capozzola

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UPY 2018 Wide Angle - Commended
'Blacktip Rendezvous' - Renee Capozzola

In French Polynesia, there is a healthy shark population thanks to their strong protection. It is my favourite place to photograph sharks as they often frequent shallow waters, which are perfect for split shots. It was my intention to go out at sunset and try to capture an over-under of the sharks. This shot was challenging as there was only a short time period when the sun was at the horizon and it required multiple attempts over several days. A small aperture, large dome port, and flash were used for this image. Sadly, up to 100 million sharks are lost every year, mainly due to overfishing and the high demand for shark fin soup. Sharks signify a balanced marine ecosystem. It is my hope that images such as this will capture peoples' attention and help raise awareness for sharks and other marine animals throughout the world.

Judge's comment: A beautiful sunset and shiver of reef sharks. What more could you cram into a stunning frame?!
Alex Mustard

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