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UPY 2018 Wide Angle - Runner Up

Fan Ping

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UPY 2018 Wide Angle - Runner Up
'Surrounded' - Fan Ping

Shark behaviourist Ms. Cristina Zenato has been studying Caribbean Reef Sharks near Freeport in The Bahamas for over 24 years The unique bond between her and the sharks allows her to get really close to them without putting them into tonic immobility and this has been helping many scientists, photographers and conservationists better understand and protect this beautiful species.
Unlike in the movies, sharks in fact seldom attack humans on purpose and humans are not on their menu at all, on the contrary countless sharks are killed by humans just for their fins. Without these ancient animals the ocean will be completely different, and it will eventually become a disaster for mankind.

Judge's comment: We get lots of stunning images of sharks in UPY, but Fan's shot elevates the artistry of photography on shark feeds. Beautiful and original.
Alex Mustard

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