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UPY 2018 Up & Coming - Winner

Man BD

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UPY 2018 Up & Coming - Winner
'ROAR' - Man BD

When I was shooting this nudibranch I was focusing on it's behaviour to get just the right shot. While this happened a moray eel suddenly appeared out from the blue behind the nudi. I was shocked for a while but decided it would be a great composition. As a few minute flew by to my surprise another nudi appeared right behind the other one maybe to mate. Having both nudi's and a moray eel was a double surprise for me. I then decided to wait a while longer for the nudi to be in frame with the moray eel roaring behind. It took about 30 minutes to get this shot and it was well worth it.

Judge's comment: Another of my favourites in the competition. The mouth and head of the moray take up more than 50% of the image frame which is all out of focus but the result is a superb demonstration of blur which I would never have believe would work against the three nudi's. The soft left eye of the moray together with the morays gleaming white teeth towards the bottom round off this image but there is still more to come! The three nudi's look as though they are planning their escape in different directions. One superb image! Martin Edge

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