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UPY 2018 Macro - Runner Up

Songda Cai

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UPY 2018 Macro - Runner Up
'Friend or Food?!' - Songda Cai

I've had many encounters with this conger eel and I've have taken a few photos, but never have I seen it in such a picturesque manner as this, As if drawing you in by coiling its body and at the same time darting its eyes on a lone prey - it is because of breathtaking sights like this that I fell in love with underwater photography and to do it justice I really aimed to capture the moment in perfect detail. To capture the intricate details of the subject, proper strobe positioning was the key factor in getting the shot that I wanted as even a little error in lighting would rob the picture of its immaculacy.

Judge's comment: This image ticks all the boxes for me. The eye contact between the eel and its prey is awesome. It's hard to pull your eyes away from this shot. Outstanding and one of my favourites of the competition.
Martin Edge

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