UPY 2018 Black & White - Commended

Wendy Timmermans

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UPY 2018 Black & White - Commended
'Hypnosis' - Wendy Timmermans

I'm a freediving Vice-World Champion and can dive up to 83 meter while holding my breath. But diving deep is only one small part of my passion for the underwater world and for me, freediving the Mexican Cenotes has been a dream for many years. As freedivers, we explore the abyss on one breath only, in its purest way. It allows us to move gracefully through the water and makes time stand still for a moment. The calmness, beauty and serenity of this remote Cenote magnified the state of tranquillity inherent in our sport. The picture shows fellow freediving underwater photographer Guillaume Bihet. Together we create our images and share our work as Seadrops Photography. Freediving gives us the perfect tool to move around freely and improvise. Taken with natural light only, in Nah Yah Cenote, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Judge's comment: A simple composition, but a fabulous idea by Wendy to show the freediver clearly as their shadow. Elegant photography.
Alex Mustard

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