UPY 2018 Black & White - Highly Commended

Filippo Borghi

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UPY 2018 Black & White - Highly Commended
'Morning Flight' - Filippo Borghi

During spring time from April to June on the coast of Baja California we can witness one of the most impressive migrations of the sea. Thousands of mobula ray's migrate along this coast. I try many times to find this incredible behavior but some how this has not occurred. This year, during a morning safari on the sea we saw a different group of beautiful mobular. I jumped in the water and we followed them for a couple of hours and during this time a small group moved into a shallow area where I was able to shoot in great light.

Judge's comment: Your patience paid off and you put yourself in the best light possible. It's the sunbeams bursting through the morning surface which attracted me to this image which works well in black & white. Martin Edge

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