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UPY 2018 Behaviour - Runner Up

Scott Gutsy Tuason

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UPY 2018 Behaviour - Runner Up
'In Hinding' - Scott Gutsy Tuason

Taken at a depth of 15 meters in 200-250m deep water. Towards the end of the 'Blackwater' dive, Edwin, one of our divemasters, called me over to show me this beautiful Jellyfish, for me only to realise it had a juvenile Trevally within it, and to my amazement, it was wedged between the bell and the tentacles! I had seen many Jack and Jelly combos before but never like this. I shot around 20 frames and right on the last few frames it turned towards me to give me this very unusual portrait of a behaviour I had never seen before.

Judge's comment: The behaviour category was outstanding this year, as this image demonstrates. Gutsy won the Underwater Photography Book of the Year last year with ?Black Water, Open Blue? and this black water shot not only shows remarkable behaviour, but also has so much character, it could have won in Portraits too! Alex Mustard

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