UPY 2018 Award Winners - Most Promising British Underwater Photographer

Tony Stephenson

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UPY 2018 Award Winners - Most Promising British Underwater Photographer
'How many pike?' - Tony Stephenson

Living in the East Midlands in England is a long way from the sea and as a result, a lot of my diving takes place in the quarry at Stoney Cove, the UK’s National Diving Centre. I love photographing pike and on this particular dive during the Easter holidays, a ‘group’ of males were looking for a mate. Once they found one they pursued her relentlessly and were completely transfixed on gaining her attention. This allowed me to get close in front of the fish, fill the frame and aim to get lots of good eye contact. I was delighted by the results. I hope that I have demonstrated that UK inland diving can throw up some amazing sights that are a pleasure to witness and photograph.

Judge's comment: We were not short of Pike pictures to look at but this one captured us all. We did agree, however, that a touch of extra light (or Photoshop lightening) on the central character would have helped.
Peter Rowlands

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