UPY 2017 Wide Angle - Highly Commended

Damien Mauric

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UPY 2017 Wide Angle - Highly Commended
'Morning Elegance' - Damien Mauric

When I reached the seabed, I was hoping to see some of the superstructure of this shipwreck. It was impossible to identify the cargo holds, the hull, the rigging and netting of this fishing vessel because it was literally covered by thousands of fish of numerous species swimming and dancing between the rusted metal parts and sandy patches. As they kept playing nicely in front of me, I waited patiently for the current to push their beautiful dance in front of my camera. The elegance of this constantly moving form inspired this image.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: A really complete schooling image. It is a shot that gets all the details spot on. The fish form a pleasing ball formation, those at the front are pleasingly aligned and give great eye contact and there is a lovely blue background to compete the composition.

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