UPY 2017 Wide Angle - Highly Commended

Fabrice Guerin

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UPY 2017 Wide Angle - Highly Commended
'Frozen Hunting' - Fabrice Guerin

The weather was cloudy and the temperature of water was 2°C. Orcas push fish towards the coast as this makes them easier to catch. Our boat captain stopped near a school of herring. When I was in water, I saw that it was not deep, so it presented an opportunity to photograph with the light being reflected off the sand. I waited for 20 minutes in front of shoal of herring hoping to see an orca. Suddenly a humpback whale appeared. What a surprise!! It was an amazing cold encounter!

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: A stunning behavioural image of a humpback in shallow water scattering herring taken in very tough conditions. The photographer did very well in very dark waters to record this breath-taking scene sharply.

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