UPY 2017 Up & Coming - Highly Commended

Simon Staiger

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UPY 2017 Up & Coming - Highly Commended
'Purple shelter' - Simon Staiger

It was the last dive of our holiday and I knew that this amphipod was living in the purple tunicates, which were very common there. So I decided to dedicate this dive to this little critter. After a while I found a tunicate with its inhabitant. It was fascinating to see this tiny creature, hiding in his beautiful purple home, almost only visible threw the viewfinder. To capture this image, I adjusted the lens on its minimum focus distance to achieve the largest magnification and aimed the strobes with full power from either side of the tunica to proper light the the small guy inside its shelter.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: An enticing composition, with the purple swirls of the sea squirt framing the crustacean against the black background.

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