UPY 2017 Macro - Highly Commended

John Parker

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UPY 2017 Macro - Highly Commended
'Paddle Flap Rhinopias' - John Parker

The back lit Paddle Flap Rhinopias was taken near Scuba Seraya, Tulamben, Bali. I spent almost the whole dive with dive guide “Paing” (who kindly aimed my snoot for me) trying to get a decent back lit shot of the Rhinopias. I took 30 to 40 frames to get the lighting right and get a black background which was difficult as it was daylight and at only 12 metres. I used 2 Inon Z240 strobes to light the fish. One strobe was fitted with a Retra LSD Snoot and was hand held; the second strobe was very low power to provide a bit of front fill light. I was pleased to get a good Rhinopias shot having failed the day before trying to photograph a Lacy Purple Rhinopias at 33 metres running out of deco time.

Judge's comment: Peter Rowlands: Backlighting is hardly a new technique underwater but, when the subject is right, the technique never fails to appeal. A kiss of front lighting was a great decision.

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