UPY 2017 Macro - Third

Dragos Dumitrescu

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UPY 2017 Macro - Third
'Fire Shelter' - Dragos Dumitrescu

The underwater realm is stunning. But most of the time we tend to see only the rare and unique critters while the most common subjects are set aside. This tube Anemone (which you can find almost everywhere) is a shelter to a bunch of juveniles until they can manage on their own. They have an entire universe in there with plenty of adventures taking place. My purpose was to bring out the beauty which is not regularly seen. I used the backlighting technique and also a fine touch of strobe from the front to make the juveniles pop-up.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: A photo that proves that you don’t need a rare critter to produce a winning image. Photographic creativity is a much rarer trait. A simple scene transformed by the mind and skills of the photographer.

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