UPY 2017 Macro - Runner Up

Jenny Stromvoll

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UPY 2017 Macro - Runner Up
'Graceful ballet' - Jenny Stromvoll

Since we found this dive site, which consists of a sea pen forest at 34m, we have discovered new species to the area. One of my favourite subjects has been the blue sea pen which hosts different shrimps and gobies. With its flowing lines and beautiful polyps any subject inside this orange and blue sea pen is beautifully offset and lends itself to an artistic composition. Once I learned to dive with sea pens and their inhabitants, I got to know that they are quick to retract into the sand if threatened. Coupled with this, a deep nitrox decompression dive adds to the complexity. My husband found this sea pen on a recent dive and even though he had a camera himself, he was kind enough to give me an opportunity to take some photos.

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: It is true to say that this was a favourite with all three judges and throughout the process we admired it more and more. It's so simple in its composition within the frame and it has a softness to it which works so well. I anticipate that many others, faced with how to process this shot would have gone for the pin-sharp treatment, myself included but the delicate high key lighting, the colour combinations and choice of aperture are all in play with this soft, simple and eye popping image.

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