UPY 2017 Compact - Highly Commended

Alexander Franz

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UPY 2017 Compact - Highly Commended
'Hanging Around' - Alexander Franz

Gili Raja Wreck is only for experienced divers. Deep down at 50m the atmosphere is gloomy, you see bullet holes and remains of the ships load, colours disappear. The pink shining frogfish, hanging in the ropes immediately caught my attention - but when diving with guests I usually don't bring my camera. Impatient I waited for the decompression time and the surface interval to end, I grabbed my camera and my buddy and I went down again and luckily found the frogfish, still hanging in the same position.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: The simple power of pinky-red on cyan blue makes this a very compelling frogfish portrait. It reveals the extraordinary places that these fish set their ambushes.

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