UPY 2017 Compact - Highly Commended

Nicolas Cimiterra

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UPY 2017 Compact - Highly Commended
'Mediterranean sea Regalecus glesne' - Nicolas Cimiterra

With my friends, we planned to dive in April, the best moment to observe this extraordinary fish, just after the phytoplankton bloom. During the day the water was very clear but it gradually becomes loaded with macroplancton (jellyfish, ctenophores, etc.). The first observation of the Regalec occurred at dusk. It probably followed the vertical migration of plankton. This image was taken at night. Going up from the depths parallel to the chain of the buoy (anchored on a bottom of 2300 m), this individual was observed several times for a few seconds or tens of seconds, moving away or disappearing in the depths to reappear a few meters further away. I was able to take several shots of this beautiful and exceptional fish, but he disappeared again into the darkness all too soon. It was an amazing human and naturalist experience.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: A very rare creature, but also a hauntingly beautiful picture. Stunning.

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