UPY 2017 Compact - Third

David Alpert

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UPY 2017 Compact - Third
'Orca' - David Alpert

In January 2016, I travelled 350km inside the Arctic Circle to dive with Orcas having trained for over 6 months to improve fitness levels and get used to the specialised freediving equipment and 4-degree water. On our last attempt to dive with them a large male with a dorsal fin approximately 6ft tall turned round and then as if to bid us farewell swam calmly swam right past us. In January the sun never rises much above the horizon and it was in the last few moments before sunset that I took this photo. One cannot use strobes because the older females still recall the days when flashes of light meant harpoons. So this natural lighting effect is dramatic!

Judge's comment: Peter Rowlands: An image doesn't have to be pinsharp to produce an effect and this shot, taken on a compact camera just before sunset with just natural light, is a prime example of getting the composition right and just take the photograph. I think it is a remarkable testament to both the photographer and the camera in such testing conditions.

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