UPY 2017 British Waters Wide Angle - Commended

Cy Sullivan

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UPY 2017 British Waters Wide Angle - Commended
'Lodberry Jellyfish' - Cy Sullivan

Living in Shetland I am surrounded by fantastic dive locations. I regularly dive near Lerwick's Lodberrys, taking in the fascinating history and marine life. The Lodberrys are a terrace of late 18th-century buildings used in the shipping trade. They are some of Shetland's most iconic structures and I wanted to try something new and show people what lies beneath the waterline of these well-known landmarks. This Blue Jellyfish (Cyanea lamarckii) is exactly what I had been waiting for this past year. After many failed attempts and much patience this Jelly slowly propelled itself into my frame and directly below Murray and Macbeath's Lodberry. I really love taking these kinds of shots as it gives people an insight into the beautiful aquatic world that surrounds us.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: A very pleasing composition. Better weather would bring this image to life, and provide more light for a sharper image, promoting this picture to finish right at the very top.

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