UPY 2017 British Waters Wide Angle - Highly Commended

Spencer Burrows

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UPY 2017 British Waters Wide Angle - Highly Commended
'Three's a Crowd' - Spencer Burrows

Having tried and failed for the past 5 years to see Pike behaviour during the breeding season, my luck eventually changed. Males entice females to release their eggs by nudging the females' abdomens with their tails. The males release clouds of seminal fluid called milt all around the females, increasing chances of fertilisation. Pike can lay between 25,000 to 225,000 eggs. I took shots of 2 - 6 pike breeding; I settled on this image for submission as I felt the image had more character and pleasing a photographic standpoint.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: Excellent eye contact, character and composition saw this image triumph over many with similar subject matter.

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