UPY 2017 British Waters Macro - Highly Commended

Trevor Rees

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UPY 2017 British Waters Macro - Highly Commended
'Purple baubles in a sea of yellow' - Trevor Rees

This close up shot of jewel anemones (Corynactis viridis) was taken on a popular wreck dive near Plymouth on England's south coast. The HMS Scylla wreck was scuttled only 13 years ago but is now well encrusted with marine life. Numerous large tightly packed jewel anemones can now be found on the top of the wreck and many of them are in a good position to get a pleasing composition. I shot as close as possible with my lens at minimum focus whilst trying to fill the frame with just tentacles and no background. Different coloured varieties exist but the ones with purple against yellow make a striking colour combination.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: An attractive and original photo of a commonly shot subject. Very effective.

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