UPY 2017 Behaviour - Highly Commended

Simone Caprodossi

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UPY 2017 Behaviour - Highly Commended
'The Contenders' - Simone Caprodossi

We actually went to Bahia Magdalena to photograph blue and mako sharks offshore. We had no baiting success that morning so on the way back we stopped by a small beach where fisherman land their catch. As we arrived we could see tens of pelicans flocking around a fishing boat for scraps from the nets. So we started throwing our leftover bait in small scraps as fisherman regularly do and quickly had crazy pelican action around our boat. Hanging by the side we were able to shoot them going for the fish with fully extended pouches and contending with each other. The photo opportunities were great so we decided to convert the next day of shark attempts to more pelican shooting. Building on the first day experience, the next day we oriented the boat for better light and played with split levels to try to catch the lively action both above and below the water.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: Great underwater action and a worthy split level made by the pelican swallowing its catch above the surface.

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