UPY 2017 Behaviour - Third

Liang Fu

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UPY 2017 Behaviour - Third
'Cleaner' - Liang Fu

I found this cleaning station at 26 meters. On the first dive, I took a few front facing photos with cleaner shrimps in the moray eel's mouth. When I surfaced, I came up with an idea of a side-face moray eel, widely opening its mouth with the cleaner shrimp inside. So I tried a second dive and it turned out to be how I had imagined it.

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: I'm sure that the majority (including myself) would have been more than happy to capture the cleaner shrimp within the moray eel's mouth. However Liang Fu went one step further. He came up with the idea to progress the exact same subject but to introduce some imagination and creative lighting between dives. This is creative thinking both in and out of the water at its best. A well deserved third place in a challenging category.

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