UPY 2017 Behaviour - Commended

Edwar Herreño

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UPY 2017 Behaviour - Commended
'The Game' - Edwar Herreño

6:30 am and a 4 metre tiger shark was about to breakfast on a hawksbill turtle next to the boat. I took my camera, jumped into one of the skiffs and went closer. That was one of the image that I had wanted to get for years (I had been working there for 11 years doing 4 dives per day). It was dark so I pumped up the ISO to 800; then when I got close, I stuck half of my body into the water; one of the skiff drivers was holding my legs. I took as many pictures as I could but they moved a lot! The Tiger was trying to bite the turtles head off while the turtle defended herself by showing her back. It went on like that until one of them gave up.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: The week after judging Italian scientists discovered a fossil of a 100 million year old shark feeding on a turtle. Showing this isn't anything new in the ocean. Photos that capture the moment, certainly are something new.

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