UPY 2016 Wrecks - Runner Up

Anders Nyberg

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UPY 2016 Wrecks - Runner Up
'Truck Parking' - Anders Nyberg

I really like the SS Thistlegorm and can not get enough of this beautiful wreck. What makes the wreck so unique is the great opportunity to create stunning wreck images, especially if you add one or more off camera strobes to create more depth in the image. For lighting, my buddy and I placed the 3 off camera strobes, one strobe in each truck and a torch in the engine compartment in the first truck. I can easily spend the entire dive inside the wreck, important to remember when shooting in wrecks is to move carefully so you don't silt up the area when you are placing the off camera strobes thus ruining the image.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: This picture sparked an interesting debate in the judging room: can a photographer show off too much in a competition?! These Ford trucks inside the Thistlegorm wreck are in almost total darkness as 25 metres of water. This is not an easy place to produce an image that uses four separate off-camera light sources. More importantly Anders has produced a striking and well crafted composition with the row of repeating windows, the sprinkling of fish and the blue opening in the background providing depth and a feeling of place.

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