UPY 2016 Wide Angle - Commended

Damien Mauric

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UPY 2016 Wide Angle - Commended
'Blue ballet' - Damien Mauric

I like to create images showing marine life in motion and Raja Ampat is probably the best place on earth for creating this type of images. Every reef, every wall, every piece of rock is carpeted of an abundant marine life while there is always something happening in the blue. While I was exploring one of the underwater garden of Pulau WayiIbatan, I noticed this large and beautiful fiery-red gorgonian. Coming out of nowhere a huge school silversides started a beautiful choreography in front of my camera. What a perfect moment for the passionate diver that I am to witness this dance orchestrated by larger pelagic fishes hunting in the background. I couldn't miss the opportunity to capture the elegance of this underwater ballet.

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