UPY 2016 Wide Angle - Runner Up

Fabio Galbiati

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UPY 2016 Wide Angle - Runner Up
'Mangrove sunset' - Fabio Galbiati

The first days the weather was bad and prevented us from going out with the boat to dive but we wanted to go into the water, why not take advantage of the pristine mangrove nearby? It was a big surprise, many subject everywhere and the light effects produced by the sun and mangroves were very special. I decided to make a shot at sunset, and after a long search I found the right root with this nudibranch (Jorunna funebris) intent on feeding. After framing to restrict the backscatter I only had to wait for the sun to do his duty and.... press the shutter!

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: This image was an immediate winner for me as soon as I saw it. An outstanding example of wide-angle macro uw photography that I have seen for some time. The author's perspective composition of all elements are so well thought out. Notice how the curve of Snells Window wraps around the naudi which emphasises the curve of 'snell' at the bottom of the frame. The tree leads the eye through the surface and up towards the sky. We have golden tones of sunset towards the bottom which the author had the foresight to use to his advantage. The trees add there own depth to the image but in no way obstruct the perceived use of depth perspective from middle right of the frame, diagonally through Snell towards the colourful blue sky at top left. One of my favourite from the entire composition.

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