UPY 2016 Up & Coming - Commended

Pier Mane

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UPY 2016 Up & Coming - Commended
'The Majestic Purple Dame' - Pier Mane

The eastern South Africa coast, widely known for large predator sharks, whales, dolphins and sardine, can sometime deliver incredibly unexpected surprises. Open-water diving at Protea Banks searching for hammerhead schools, my eyes fall upon a sizeable and animated figure. Unable to identify it from afar, I slowly approach to face the largest jelly fish I’ve ever seen. Her purple head and yellow fuselage where off the Lightroom™ saturation slider scale—even before I shot! With no background objects present to provide prospective, and wishing to exalt this crown jellyfish (Cephea) in all its stunning colors, majestic size, and dancing elegance, I opted for an explosive silhouette against a mid-day winter sun.

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