UPY 2016 Up & Coming - Commended

Spencer Burrows

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UPY 2016 Up & Coming - Commended
'Lighting the Cockpit' - Spencer Burrows

Stoney Cove is a popular inland dive site that attracts thousands of divers each year, meaning it is heavily dived and photographed. I prefer to dive here over the winter when the site is less busy and improved water clarity. I wanted to capture an image that was a little different to that usually seen from this site and an original composition. I used an off camera strobe to internally light the cockpit and didn't opt for a head on composition. I opted for a side on profile at a diagonal angle as It suited lighting the internal part of the cockpit. I lined up the windows to add additional depth to the image, my buddy kindly modelled with a torch to add scale & context to complete the image.

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