UPY 2016 Macro - Highly Commended

Adriano Morettin

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UPY 2016 Macro - Highly Commended
'Lightning' - Adriano Morettin

This photo was made with the technique of double exposure performed directly in the camera without changing the lens and making two consecutive shots. The first shot is done on the main subject with the help of a snoot applied on the flash to isolate the subject against a dark background and the second shot is made to the sun taken from below the surface. The difficulty lies in mixing the two shots to make it appear that it is a single-shot, without superimposing the two images and creating a pleasant scene and realistic. The mediterranean shrimp Periclimenes amethysteus is one of my favorite subjects for the magnificent colors of his livery and so it is very suitable for pictures taken with the double exposure. Among the thousands of shots I've done to this kind of shrimp I think this is one of those most successful for the particular form of the sun in the background that looks like a flash of lightning.

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