UPY 2016 Macro - Highly Commended

Qing Lin

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UPY 2016 Macro - Highly Commended
'Lace Model' - Qing Lin

This weedyscorpion fish was surrounded with many photographers when I found it. When it was my turn, I only had 4 minutes left before needing to ascend, so I took several shots in a hurry. I felt so disappointed and kept thinking about how beautiful it looked while. I decided to go back the following day. This also gave me more time to consider and manage a unique way to present her charm better. The characteristic of this fish is her beautiful lace, so I thought backlighting it would emphasize its details. I placed a light on the right back of this fish, facing left front and took several shots. While I was adjusting the settings on the camera, she suddenly turned about 80 degrees as can be seen on the picture. The angle, light and position were perfect. Click! What a smart fish, she definitely knows how to strike a pose.

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