UPY 2016 Macro - Runner Up

Helen Brierley

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UPY 2016 Macro - Runner Up
'Pelagic Octopus at Night' - Helen Brierley

Suspended in the inky blackness of the open ocean where the water is thousands of feet deep, a myriad of weird and wonderful creatures came into view in the narrow focus light beam. They were making their nightly journey towards the surface to feed, before heading back down to the depths in time to escape the light of another day. Using our lights to help locate their prey, we were truly in another world, and we did not want to ever leave. I was able to take several shots of this tiny octopus as he drifted by, but he disappeared again into the darkness all too soon.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: Helen definitely took on one of macro photography’s big challenges to produce this eye-catching image. It is not easy to shoot macro portraits of tiny, semi-transparent critters while suspended in the darkness of inner-space: an open ocean black water dive. Capturing such a pleasing composition of such an attractive species in these conditions is a great achievement.

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