UPY 2016 Macro - Commended

Matteo Visconti

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UPY 2016 Macro - Commended
'Spotlight' - Matteo Visconti

Harlequin shrimp (Hymenocera picta) is one of my best critters to shot because its colors and its shape. it is quite common to see in seraya secret and often they eating starfishes in couple. seraya secret is a popular dive spot in bali, it's located in tulamben area, bali's west coast, in my humble experience one of the three best muck dive place with anilao (philippines) and lembeh (indonesia). always in love with this shrimp i wanted to shot it in a different way, i love the snoot effect and most of my macro pictures are taken with it so i tried a different point of view shooting it from its side profile. using snoot allowed me to set apart the subject from background.

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