UPY 2016 British Waters Macro - Commended

Saeed Rashid

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UPY 2016 British Waters Macro - Commended
'Inquisitive Cuckoo Wrasse' - Saeed Rashid

Wrasse are amazingly inquisitive fish and Cuckoo Wrasse even more so if you find the right individual they can stay with you for the whole dive. This guy was fascinated but something on my housing and everywhere I turned he was in front of me. This allowed be to get some portrait images of this lovely colourful fish which really stand out among other British species.

Judge's comment: Judge's special comment - Cuckoo wrasse are one of the most colourful and inquisitive, and therefore most photographed, UK fish. As a result your shot has to stand out and this one most certainly does. The tight crop emphasises the perfectly focused eye contact and the swirling out of focus tail fin in the background creates a dynamic portrait. Peter Rowlands

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