UPY 2016 British Waters Macro - Third

Cathy Lewis

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UPY 2016 British Waters Macro - Third
'Safe haven' - Cathy Lewis

It was our first dive of the season, on the wreck of the Scylla in Whitsand Bay near Plymouth. The water was thick with plankton and a strong current was funneling small compass jellyfish towards the starboard side of the wreck. Some of the jellyfish were host to a large number of juvenile codfish, possibly whiting, which use them for protection. The larger fry were perched on top while the smaller ones swam amongst the tentacles, somehow avoiding being stung. Photographing the highly reflective silver fry was a frustrating challenge, but I have never seen so many fish crammed into such small jellies so I knew I was witnessing something rather special.

Judge's comment: Peter RowlandsI know this wreck well and am far too familiar with the conditions described so I'm really impressed with the photographic skills pulled out to capture such a clean image. As if conditions weren't difficult enough, the lighting and exposure are spot on and the composition is dynamic without taking the eye away from the subject matter. Once settled the eye looks around and discovers the smaller fry seeking shelter. Altogether a most captivating image.

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