UPY 2016 British Waters Compact - Commended

Nic Faulks

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UPY 2016 British Waters Compact - Commended
'Scilly Seal!' - Nic Faulks

The dive was a maximum of 5 metres in a sheltered bay. Some of the wreck divers stayed on board, so I took my little compact camera and jumped in to see what I could find. I finned through curtains of thong weed, which parted to reveal boulders, sand patches and colourful anemones. Towards the end of the dive, I found an open area of sand, with a couple of boulders. One seal in particular kept coming closer and closer. His acrobatics as he swam close, then flipped away, were quite an amazing sight. My patience paid off, for it was the final encounter when I managed to get this shot, following which he disappeared out of sight.

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