UPY 2016 British Waters Compact - Runner Up

Trevor Rees

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UPY 2016 British Waters Compact - Runner Up
'Tompot looking out' - Trevor Rees

Who doesn't love the look of these charismatic fish? This Tompot blenny (Parablennius gattorugine) was found hiding in a hole amongst the legs of a sea pier. Some of these fish are quite shy whilst others are rather inquisitive and like to see what's going on. This one was happy to pose for as long as I needed although he/she did frequently disappear for a few minutes every so often before then popping out again. I made sure I had both the fish's eyes facing forward in the same direction and that the head tentacles were isolated against a black background, As they are very popular and very well photographed fish I opted for an off centre composition with quite a lot of negative space to perhaps give a slightly different feel to my take on this fish.

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: This image has all the technique for an excellent fish portrait. As the author points out. Eye's need to be symmetric.

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