UPY  Wide Angle - Runner Up

Hani Bader

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UPY  Wide Angle - Runner Up
'Socotra Cormorant' - Hani Bader

I was diving to shoot a jellyfish as these creatures arrive in huge quantities in Bahrain between May and July. I find them inspiring subjects, especially seeing so many swimming rhythmically on all sides. This picture came to together when I saw some Socotra Cormorants diving to eat the small fish hiding underneath the jellyfish. It was difficult to shoot because the birds move so fast.

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: Engaging behaviour with competent use of all the elements. Notice how the subject is surrounded by the jelly fish and within snells window but the entire form including feet and wings are visible. There's nothing blocking the eye of the viewer but in all four corners there is plenty going on! skilled technical control of the highlights through 'snell' combined with a balanced control of the jelly fish in all four corners. Once again, stella 'peak of the action'.

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