UPY  Up & Coming - Winner

Fabrice GUERIN

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UPY  Up & Coming - Winner
'Angelita' - Fabrice GUERIN

In the middle of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, there is a very special natural cave called cenote Angelita. It is a unique diving experience, with the light going from blue to green. Then at a depth of 30 metres, a metre-thick layer of hydrogen sulphide appears. The atmosphere is similar to a lunar landscape. When I spotted this diver between the branches of a tree, I had all the elements for a surreal underwater image.

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: Such a unique image! So different than anything else in the competition. It's particularly atmospheric and the understated use of post processing has provided a soft, surreal dream-like photo. Composition is subtle and effective with the 'peak of the action' capturing the diver between the dominant foreground. My eye is glued within the frame. The extra touch of air bubbles connecting to the surface is also a strong. I love this shot and it's fair to say that it was one of my favourites of the competition.

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