UPY  Macro - Runner Up

Theresa A. Guise

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UPY  Macro - Runner Up
'Dancing shrimp in formation' - Theresa A. Guise

The image was taken on a dive site mooring, a large concrete block, which was covered in pink sponge. Closer inspection showed an abundance of dancing shrimp. They formed interesting patterns and formations, such as the one in this image. Their red bodies and turquois eyes were a striking contrast to the pink sponge, but complimented it as if arranged by an interior designer.

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: Who says you need rare and exotic creatures to make great underwater images? One of the most common shrimps throughout the world. It's a typical subject which we practice on for our first macro dive of the day! Who would think that this everyday common subject could excel in such a big competition? Well everyone, It has! So incredibly simple but shot by a photographer with an eye for impact, balance and originality. I so wish I had taken this shot!

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