UPY  British Waters Wide Angle - Third

Steve Jones

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UPY  British Waters Wide Angle - Third
'Tunnel Vision' - Steve Jones

This image was taken during pre-launch trials of the Orcalight, the most powerful battery powered LED dive lamp in the world, and the diver pictured is BBC NHU cameraman Doug Anderson. We positioned 1 lamp to the right to light Doug and the forward area of the inside hull, whilst Doug held the second light, pointing behind him to light the rear of the hull. The use of rebreathers helped greatly as it avoided any annoying bubbles disturbing the silt on the ceiling.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: It is great to see such a variety of underwater photography styles, subjects and techniques in the competition. This photo uses off-camera lighting to create depth in the image, a feature enhanced by the composition, with the lines of the fuselage drawing your eye through the image to the diver.

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