UPY  British Waters Wide Angle - Runner Up

Trevor Rees

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UPY  British Waters Wide Angle - Runner Up
'Pike, the lurking predator' - Trevor Rees

I tend to dive a fair bit in UK quarries in the winter and never tire of trying to get a better shot of pike. They are impressively large fish and I think of them as a mean and moody fresh water barracuda. Pike are not difficult to find but the patience to only approach them very slowly is real a challenge. A fisheye lens coupled with a teleconverter (to avoid excessive barrel distortion with bent light rays) has given me the natural perspective I wanted.

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: You see many fresh water fish images but this pike study is a cut above the rest. Subtle use of flash technique on the pike with strong eye contact not to mention the clever balance of the composition and in particular the reeds in the background. All we need now is exceptional light and it's as though someone has just pulled a switch! There it is! Outstanding shallow water light which dapples the top of the pike.

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