UPY  British Waters Compact - Third

Paul Colley CB OBE

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UPY  British Waters Compact - Third
'Sharp Shrimp' - Paul Colley CB OBE

This image was taken during an on-the-day splash in competition when the weather conditions were bad and so I sought out a sheltered bay to the East of Chesil Beach for a better chance of success. In only 2 metres of water, a group of blennies and shrimps were fighting over tiny scraps of flesh in the remains of a cockle shell. Getting an in-focus and well composed image with a compact camera as the skittish animals moved around was quite a challenge.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: This image is a fantastic demonstration of what can be done with a compact, and that it is the photographer and not the camera that makes the image. The eye of the prawn is so sharply in focus that you could cut yourself on it. And the photographer had handled the background with aplomb, which can be a real challenge with compact cameras in British seas.

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