UPY  British Waters Compact - Winner

Trevor Rees

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UPY  British Waters Compact - Winner
'Cuttlefish in a blur' - Trevor Rees

This common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) was photographed off Babbacombe beach in Devon. The location is a well known spot where cuttlefish come in to the shallows in late spring to early summer to breed and lay their eggs. This one was found in 5 metres depth and is a large male about 1 foot long. They are popular subjects that have been frequently photographed by many divers in recent years. To add a different look and feel I have used a zoom blur filter in photoshop to give the effect of movement, which I felt complimented their tendency to often shoot off backward at great speed if alarmed. It was a pleasing capture from a simple 4 MP compact camera.

Judge's comment: Alex Mustard: A fantastic portrait of one of the wonders of British Seas. And image that succeeds not because of a rare species, most divers in the south of England will regularly see cuttlefish, but because of excellent technique, both in the water and in processing the image to produce a stunning result.

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