UPY  Behaviour - Highly Commended

Lawrence Alex Wu

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UPY  Behaviour - Highly Commended
'Bait Ball Man' - Lawrence Alex Wu

Cocooned by a swirling ball of frenzied glassfish, nature decided in a matter of seconds this diver's fate...as well as his outfit for a several minutes! However, it was the instinctive nature of the predating school of larger fish that corralled the glassfish from the reef below into mid water where all the fish descended on this diver in waves of movement. "The blanket of glassfish grazed against my whole body and face as they swarmed around me to avoid the incessant torpedoing attacks of the hunters." Amazingly, the diver was never mistaken for predator nor prey but nonetheless, the hunters prevailed in this balance of survival. Within a quarter of an hour they meandered off into the blue in search of what was next after a fuelled feeding frenzy.

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