UPY  Behaviour - Runner Up

Tammy Gibbs

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UPY  Behaviour - Runner Up
'Good luck my babies' - Tammy Gibbs

After watching the ever-expanding pouches of the brooding males, I was determined to see one give birth. Something which happens under the cover of darkness. I dived again and again until on this particular night, I found three males who looked very ready to give birth. This one was the first to have his babies and I watched in awe as hundreds of tiny seahorses were thrust from his pouch. I then watched the second one release his babies into the blackness but by the time I got to the third one, his pouch was deflated and he was resting after the exhausting experience.

Judge's comment: Martin Edge: One of my own favourites from the entire competition! The birthing behaviour in itself is technically first class but what impresses me the most is the sense of emotion between father and babies. Just look at the eye contact! A fine example of exceptional peak of the action! Imagine the eye contact being directed anywhere else within the frame. That parental connection would have been lost.

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